The GreenLeaf Process

Here at GreenLeaf Wellness Center, we tailor marijuana prescriptions and treatment plans directly around each individual patient, and ensure the best quality of care for that patient. For some patients, this is their first experience with marijuana, while others are considered well-versed and experienced. Every patient requires a different prescription dosage and method of administration. This is done through multiple steps during the medical consultation and physical examination, which includes the following:

  • Vital signs
    • to ensure the patient is stable enough for cannabis
  • Medical History
    • This includes the debilitating condition and current levels of pain
  • Current and recent treatments
    • Current use of marijuana to determine patient’s tolerance
  • Administration methods and prescription
    • There are 5 possible routes: Inhalation, Oral, Sublingual, Topical, and Rectal
    • Our Doctor works together with each patient’s requests to determine optimal routes and dosages
  • We take our time with each patient
    • Making sure to answer any questions you may have
    • Excellent customer service is required by our staff
  • We review and submit the state application in house
    • Patients do not submit application on their own
    • This ensures your application is all correct, minimizing any issues
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