Why Get Legal?

There are many reasons for someone to become a legal marijuana user in the state of Florida. Many patients are already self-treating with cannabis, illegally, and would like to medicate in a legal manner. In addition to putting yourself at risk with law enforcement, another major concern is the lack of knowledge about the marijuana purchased off of the street. This lack of knowledge includes:

  • Risk of the marijuana being laced with another substance or drug
    • Unfortunately, this is a common finding on street marijuana
  • Unsure if the marijuana  was grown indoor or outdoor
    • Outdoor marijuana typically requires pesticides and other potentially toxic chemicals
  • Patients cannot differentiate sativas vs. indica strains, and have to trust their dealer’s word.
    • Anxiety is actually intensified with sativas, since it causes more blood flow to the brain, amplifying the racing thoughts


Department of Health Regulations on Cannabis?

The Florida Department of Health set regulations for marijuana cultivators and dispensaries, to ensure that all cannabis is grown and sold in a clean and legal manner. These regulations include the following:

  • Cannabis is to be grown without the use of pesticides, or other toxic chemicals
    • This causes most farmers to grow indoors (hydroponic)
  • Cultivators must dispense their products
    • Cannot use a third party to sell products through
    • Ensures the cannabis is sold as the correct strain
    • All products must include the results from a lab test
    • Marijuana cannot be laced with anything
  • Mandatory delivery system for each cannabis dispensary
    • Cannabis is considered healthcare; debilitated patients that cannot drive can still access their medicine
    • Have your cannabis products delivered directly to your home!


To find out where the closest dispensary or delivery service is, please visit: www.weedmaps.com

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