Here at GreenLeaf Wellness Center, we strongly believe in the patient’s well-being. We understand that each patient is unique, and conditions are not the same between different patients. Each patient has different pain levels and thresholds, and must be treated as an individual, rather than someone with that condition. We ensure quality of care by taking our time with each patient, answering any and all questions they may have. We work with other doctors and providers to ensure the patient is fully taken care of. Our friendly staff are trained in excellent customer service in providing care.

We also believe in holistic approaches and alternatives to conventional medicine. Obviously, we still practice western medicine, but we like to include eastern medicine approaches into our treatment plans. We offer many services which include medical marijuana qualifications and prescriptions, PRP treatments, IV vitamin infusions, NAD therapy, and other natural alternatives like protein and peptide supplementation. No matter what you come in for, you are promised our best level of care, and are guaranteed to leave with a smile.

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